England to Australia

by Austin A30: My early life started in a factory in England in the 1950’s. After being assembled in the factory, I was finally given a coat of green shiny paint. How proud I was, so compact and versatile, great for parking. I was a motorists dream come true. Many times in my early life I wondered where my wheels would take me. By this time many people were migrating to Australia from the Mother Country. Although I did not know where Australia was, I heard people discussing their passage out, and what wonderful opportunities there would be for them to start a new life. Then one day I heard that there was a chance for me, along with my friends to go to Australia. I thought this was just the chance I needed to show the people in Australia what a great little car I was. Well, the day finally arrived for me to board the ship to sail, and as I was driven on, I felt a sense of excitement, along with a little trepidation. As I was made ready to sail a feeling of peace came over me, and along with the other cars, I started my journey. After several weeks when ship docked and I was driven off to start my new life. What great excitement there was amongst the cars as they drove out on the roads travelling to various places, some stayed in the city, and others like me went out into the country. Some of us even went to the same car dealer, where we could be purchased for £507.00. There was a sense of excitement as people came to see us, and discussed the colours that were available. Finally an order came through, a customer wanted a shiny green car, and so my life in Australia began. There are many stories I could tell you of my travels, but the most amazing event of all, has taken place after my arrival at Murphy’s Creek.
Some time ago I arrived on a tandem trailer at the Silke Farm. How different this was to the places where I had lived before. This was right out in the country at Murphy’s Creek, near Tarnagulla. For years I happily settled in to a restful life, being parked in the yard with other cars, a truck and even a boat. The sheep used to come and camp around me. Once again, I wondered what the future was for me, surely after coming from the other side of the world, and travelling in so many areas of Victoria, there was more for me to do than end my useful life just parked here.
Can you imagine my surprise, when a prime mover pulling a drop-deck stopped where I was. Well, I wondered what was going to happen, especially when a yellow J. C. B. with forks on the front came over to where I was parked, and sliding is forks under my chassis, gently lifted me onto the drop-deck. Once again I was tied securely down, just as I had been on my voyage out from England. Michael Silke drove me over to Rostrata Country House, his family’s Farm-stay Accommodation at Murphy’s Creek.
When I arrived, the J. C. B. was there to lift off me off the drop-deck, and I was gently placed in a special spot in the paddock. You may well ask, as I did, why on earth was I moved over here? Well, a few days later I found out. Richard Tattie of Nightscape Images, had arranged for a group of clients to stay at Rostrata Country House for a couple of nights. The classes Richard offered taught them the wonderful skill of night photography. Just imagine, out here in this secluded, peaceful setting, I was the centre of attention, and it seemed that it did not matter, which was my best side, as photos were taken from all directions. The stars were so clear, and the people so excited to see me, really I was the “Star” of each night. I still cannot believe, that after all these years I once again am the centre of attention. My photo is now seen across the world, with the beautiful stars of the Australian sky providing a wonderful back ground. How proud I am that people can still marvel at the amazing little car that I am.


England to Australia

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  1. Jennifer Avery says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed your very interesting life story Austin 🚕 What exciting adventures you have had. Thanks for sharing Austin’s tale Dorothy 😊

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