High Tea Celebration

Rostrata Country House treated some church members to a delightful high tea celebration and sheep shearing demonstration at Colin and Dorothy Silke’s lovely historic family property at Murphy’s Creek near Tarnagulla. Dorothy and Colin informed the guests of their family home and property history, as well as some local Tarnagulla history. In 1850 John Silke migrated from Somerset England with his wife and 10 children. They settled in Little Bourke Street Melbourne and opened a grocers shop in Collingwood. A copy of his Cash Book at Rostrata, records both his farming days in England & the Collingwood shop. In 1865 they selected land at Murphy’s Creek (Then called Murphy’s Flat) when the government first opened up land in this area. His Grandson Edward built “Rostrata” in 1904 and it has remained in the family ever since.
A fabulous spread of sweet and savoury treats served on fine china followed. Colin and his assistants set everything up for Mal Christensen to show us his shearing skills, relieving a couple of ewes of their wooly coats.
It was an absolutely delightful afternoon and we are very grateful to Colin and Dorothy for hosting us, and to all involved in making the event memorable.

High Tea Celebration

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