Get back to nature

Cycling  Bush walking  Scenic drives  Bird watching  Wildflowers  Loddon River  Canoeing  Kayaking  Fishing  Gold detecting  Aboriginal sites  Wildlife  Beautiful sunsets  Photography


15 minute drive.

Visit the monument marking the site of the 63 kg “Welcome Stranger”.


The Memorial dedicated to John Flynn born 1880, founder of the Inland Flying Doctor Service.

The Moliagul Hotel, Anglican Church, State School allow you to step back in time. The lookout on the top of Mount Moliagul offers great views of the surrounding area, and amazing sunsets.

Kooyoora State Park:   

20 minute drive.

Named after the Bush Ranger “Captain Melville.” Home to rare Box & Iron Bark Forest, with amazing granite outcrops. 


BBQ and Picnic area, walking tracks, native flowers and birds. The lookout at the top offers 360degree view of surrounding areas.


20 minute drive.

An historic gold mining town, with an estimated population of 40,000 at the height of the Victorian Gold Rush of the 1850s and 1860s. Historic buildings from that era can be seen.


A visit to Inglewood provides Antique and collectable shops, Bendigo Bank, Cornish Bakery, IGA, butcher, chemist, fuel. ATM and the Blue Eucy Museum.

Bridgewater on Loddon

10 minute drive.

Situated on the Loddon River, Bridgewater on Loddon provides many outdoor adventures including a swimming area, fishing, canoeing, kayaking, water skiing and walking tracks.


The home of the Bridgewater Bakery, wineries, Loddon Bridge Hotel and the Church on the Hill Op shop. It's also a short drive to Inglewood’s antique and collectable shops.


10 minute drive.

Known as the Fisherman’s Haven, Newbridge has plenty of spots for fishing, kayaking, canoeing, walking and cycling tracks, gold detecting, bird watching, and photography.

Visit the Newbridge General Store for all your supplies.    


20 minute drive.

Laanecoorie caters for the water and nature enthusiast with water skiing, kayaking, canoeing, fishing, river walks.

There is also the historic streetscape, walking and cycling tracks, gold detecting, bird watching and photography.


15 minute drive.

Visit the historic cemetery and The Old Morton’s Welcome Hotel.  


15 minute drive.

Dunolly is an old gold mining town with many old buildings still standing today.


Dunolly town centre provides the Alvah Art Gallery and Dunolly Nuggets & Treasurers, along with Dunolly Bakery, Bears coffee shop, Dunolly Quality Meats, All day Broadway, Fish n chips, pizza and the Railway Hotel.


10 minute drive.

Known as the 'Town of Churches', Tarnagulla boasts an historic streetscape to explore.


There are also walking and cycling tracks, gold detecting, bird watching and photography,