Murphy’s Creek was named after a miner who found gold 3ks west of Rostrata Country House.


Land was first selected at Murphy’s Flat on Monday 28/8/1865 and was described as heavily timbered, smelling of eucalyptus, with a permanent crystal clear creek running through it. Potatoes and other vegetables and fruit grown in the area was sent by train to Melbourne.  Grain crops, prime lamb and wool are produced today.

North of Rostrata was the site of the first Wesleyan Church opening 16/12/1866. This building was also used as the first Murphy’s Flat school No 143 opening on the 24/4/1869.

In 1863 the first wedding took place in Murphy’s Flat.

Opposite the entrance into Rostrata, is the site of the second Murphy’s Creek School No 1311 which opened in mid-1876. 

​The name Murphy’s Flat was changed to Murphy’s Creek in 1915.

Murphys Creek State School No. 1311.

Murphys Creek Tarnagulla Peace Picnic.

Murphys Creek Church.

Cutting Chaff.

Murphys Creek local State School.

Murphys Creek Tennis Club 1932.

Murphy’s Creek school 1901.

Delivering wheat to Tarnagulla Flour Mill.

Murphy’s Creek tennis Team.