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Rolling Rides

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Rostrata Country House owners, Dot and Colin, acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of the land on which you cycle, the Dja Dja Warrung People, and pay their respects to Elders, past and present.  As you ride about and explore the region, there will be scar trees and other indicators of the deep connection the Dja Dja Warrung People have to the land.

Dot and Colin welcome you to Rostrata, and trust that you find your stay comfortable, and rides enjoyable. The routes have been chosen to showcase the various environments and points of interest in the area. Should you add a ride to the ‘Ride With GPS’ app whilst you’re here, they ask you to  include Rostrata in the title.  This will assist other riders in the future to find Rostrata and the Rolling Rides on offer. 

Ride With GPS is a free App, which has the option to upgrade which brings more features.  However, the free version is often more than adequate for rides.

Download the pdf for more detailed information on the rides, where the notes are provided by Kerry Knights, enthusiastic cyclist, and are taken from the App comments section, and riders are most welcome to add further comments, sharing their perspective and experience.

Rostrata Rolling Rides - Ride with GPS

Click on the bike icons for the Ride with GPS of each ride.

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Rostrata Melville Caves Loop

Distance: 47.6 km

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Rostrata to Inglewood Loop

Distance: 62 km

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Rostrata to Bridgewater Hotel

Distance: 37 km

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Bridgewater to Inglewood

Distance: 10.8 km

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Rostrata to Tarnagulla Waanyarra Nature Reserve Loop

Distance: 33.8 km

shutterstock_2178935011 [Converted].png

Tarnagulla to Mortons Inn Ruins and Waanyarra Cemetery Look

Distance: 20.1 km

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Rostrata Dunolly Loop

Distance: 38 km

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Download the Rostrata Rolling Rides brochure!

Download to view or print the Rostrata Rolling Rides brochure for detailed information of each ride. 

For those wanting to explore the area, bring your own bikes and enjoy our rides. Please be mindful of your own and others safety when riding in our beautiful region. Your safety is your responsibility.

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